Soil in Texas

Types of Soil in Texas

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Homes in North Texas move year round because of the extreme temperatures and the soil types. It is important to keep proper maintenance so that you can avoid costly repairs.

In Texas, soil types can include blackland clay, sandy loam, sand, yellow clay, and alluvial soil, just to name a few.

According to the Texas Almanac, in North Texas you can have at least 6 different soil types, depending on where you are located.

Most new homes constructed in Texas do not have pier support that will last because of the extreme weather conditions, therefore most residents in North Texas will have to make sure to keep proper maintenance throughout the year.

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Due to the soil conditions of the North Texas area, we advise homeowners to periodically for any signs of “normal cracks of foundation”. A crack does not necessarily indicate the origin of the problem, as the weakest point in the soil may not be directly underneath the crack. This is why it’s essential to bring in a foundation repair expert to pinpoint the specific problem areas. Any movement below 1 inch variance could be easily fixed. Always call a foundation repair company that has experience finding the best solution.

Aside from direct repair, potential remedies may include a custom drainage solution to prevent future runoff water from collecting near the foundation.

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